What Size Water Heater Does Your Home Need?

Do you find your family having to pace out taking turns in between showers because there just never seems to be enough hot water? Has your Phoenix water heater stopped working all together? Whatever the case may be, when it’s time for a new water heater for your home, you have some big decisions to make. You not only need to select a water heater that will work for your home and is the right type for your family, you also need to consider the size that is needed, so no one has to draw the short straw and take a cold shower. We are going to help you determine what size water heater your home needs.

What Size Water Heater Does Your Home Need?

Having a water heater that keeps up with your home’s demands, and possibly saves you money on energy expenses is key to most homeowners. While you may not think about the costs associated with heating your home’s water, you probably should, as water heating is the second largest annual expense in most households. With 64 gallons of water being used by the average household each year, households spend around $400 to $600 every year on heating their home’s water (Energy.gov). Choosing the right water heater type and size for your home may have a bigger impact than you even imagined.

While you may have settled on the type of water heater you want for your home, finding the right size may be a little more complicated. There are things you need to consider:

  • Number of people in your home
  • Time of day that the most warm water is used
  • Average daily temperatures where you live
  • All the sources that use hot water in your home (washer, dishwasher, shower, etc.)

When it comes to determining what size water heater your home needs, bigger is not always better. A properly sized water heater will meet your household’s hot water needs while operating more efficiently. While having a water heater that’s too small may cause you to run out of hot water; having one that’s too big can lead you to waste money on heating water you don’t use. Because it takes a lot of water to make electricity, water heating can be a big energy user. It’s right up there with heating and cooling, running appliances, electronics, and lighting.

For the purposes of planning what size water heater your home needs, the total daily water use is less important than the peak daily water use or the peak demand. In reality, most of the water used in the home occurs over a very short time period, usually in the morning or evening.

To determine what size water heater your home needs you need to calculate your household’s peak-hour hot water demand or first hour rating (FHR). This is the measure of how much hot water the heater will need to deliver during a busy hour, such as first thing in the morning when all household members are using water. Standardly, you calculate this by taking the number of people in your home, plus one, and multiplying by 12 gallons. If you have 3 people in your home, you would add 1, and times by 12, meaning the minimum FHR you need is 48 gallons.

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We know, we know. This is all a bit confusing. When it comes to what size what heater your home needs, you can leave it up to the experts at Arizona Comfort Specialists.

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