Monsoon Special

Get protection, during monsoon season most AC failures are due to power failures and power surges due to lightning and other storm related interruptions to the power grid. Minimize storm related electrical failures by installing an Electric Surge protector on your most valuable appliance in your home.
ICM517 Surge protector installed $275.00



Nest Pro 3rd Generation

5-Year manufacturer warranty. 1-year labor warranty.
**Common wire required.



Nexia 824 Digital Touch Screen Thermostat

1-Year manufacturer warranty. 1-year labor warranty. **Common wire required, excludes new wire if needed**
(Wi-Fi) Installed and set up for $479.00


ActiveTek Air Scrubber Plus

Pet Odors
Smoking Odors
Musty Odors
Reduces airborne bacteria, viruses and germs


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