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October 19, 2017

Arizona Comfort Specialists Heating and Cooling

Congratulations! Your Air Conditioning Unit Survived Another Harsh Arizona Summer!

Congratulations! Your air conditioning unit survived another harsh Arizona summer! But if ‘survive’ is all it was able to do, you may want to consider a replacement – And fall is the perfect time to replace your A/C unit.

First, I should mention the new A/C units:
  • Comply with newer regulations regarding energy consumption and safe materials
  • Are lighter, thinner, and smaller
  • Cool more efficiently
  • Use less electricity and therefore cost you less to operate
During the fall, most manufacturers offer incredible incentives on new units, which we pass on to you:
  • Trade-in value for your old system
  • Rebates of up to $500
  • 0% financing to qualified buyers

Our office staff knows and understands all the incentives available this fall from the top manufacturers we partner with. Call Kathi of Deja and they will help you find the most favorable incentives to fit your needs.

Stay cool!
John Miller
Owner and President

Are Your Electricity Bills Scary? You Are Not Alone!

If your electricity bills have gone up substantially recently and you are an APS customer, you are not alone. We have heard from many customers who are wondering why their bills were so high. There is a simple explanation, but more importantly, there are solutions too!

In June of this year, APS filed a request with the Arizona Corporation Commission (ACC) for their first-rate review in five years, and an increase was approved. APS now has seven (7) residential plans you can choose from… and if you have not looked at their plans lately or contacted them to find the right plan for you, you may be paying way more than you should.

In Arizona, our A/C units are the biggest single appliance to use electricity. This latest rate increase might also be a reason for you to consider a new and more efficient A/C unit. There are great incentives from manufacturers during the fall and we are passing the savings to you. Call us today to find out what rebates, trade-ins, or financing deals you might eligible for.

New Name and New Logo – Same Family

For the past 16 years, we have been providing comfort to the people and businesses of the greater Phoenix area with integrity, quality, and guaranteed excellent heating and air conditioning services. We are very grateful for the support we have received from the community, and now we are re-branding our company to reflect our values.

As you might have noticed, earlier this year, we changed our name from Rainbow Air Conditioning to [company_name]. We have also designed a new logo to reflect the new name and our commitment to you, our customers.

Other than that, nothing has changed – The company is still owned and operated by the Miller family, and we are as committed as ever to integrity, honesty, fair pricing, and guaranteed quality-work.

John Meyers Is A Happy Customer!

Mr. Meyers owns a large home with two A/C units. Unfortunately, during summer, the hottest part of the year, the A/C units began to fail. He researched several HVAC companies to repair the units; however, companies that he considered either failed to return his phone call, did not show up, or seemed uninterested in his problem.

“He’s fair, patient, and not pushy. He made it really easy to make the decision to go with [company_name].”
John Meyers

John’s in-laws recommended [company_name] to survey the problem, due to the wonderful experience they had with John, the owner of ACS.

John surveyed the existing units in Mr. Myers's home. “John was very knowledgeable and took the time to explain the features and benefits, and which unit was best for my needs. He talked through my options and worked out one that was affordable.” His experience with ACS was unlike any of his prior experiences with other A/C companies. “He’s fair, patient, and not pushy. He made it really easy to make the decision to go with ACS.”

A few days prior to the installation of his new A/C units, Mr. Meyers experienced a problem with his existing units. He called ACS, and John came to his home on a Saturday to fix them until the new units arrived. Mr. Meyers is very pleased with the excellent customer service ACS provides. He affirms this when he stated, “you don’t get many people like John. He asks the right questions and is always helpful. He did a really nice job.”

Tim's Tips

Tim’s Tips is a monthly feature by Tim Miller, Field Operations Manager at [company_name]. Like everyone else here, Tim’s mission is to make, sure you and your family are comfortable.
How to Tell If It Is Time To Replace Your Air Conditioner
  • If your heat pump or central air conditioning unit more than 10 years old
  • If your Furnace over 15 Years old
  • If your electric bills are high and keep going up
  • If your system breaks and needs repairs frequently
  • If it hard to keep your home at a comfortable temperature
  • If some rooms are cold and some rooms

Extra Tip: New and upcoming government regulations will ban common residential refrigerants. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is phasing out R-22 refrigerants by 2020. Repairs on those types of systems will soon not be an option forcing a homeowner to replace the entire air conditioner.

End of Summer Special Offer

Sign up for one of our ‘True Comfort’ service agreements and enjoy peace-of-mind for a whole year.

And for a very limited time, we are offering $50 off our ‘Best’ True Comfort service agreement or 6 free high-efficiency air filters when you sign up for our ‘Better’ True Comfort service agreement.

[company_name] is a Proud Supporter of Arizona Camp Sunrise & Sidekicks offer special programs for children who have or have had cancer, and their brothers and sisters.


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