Arizona Comfort Specialists Newsletter – July 2017

Why Doesn’t My House Feel Cool, Even with My A/C On?

Monsoon season is here in Arizona, causing hot and humid temperatures. During Monsoon season, our A/C systems work harder, because they are now removing moisture from the air inside the home, in addition to the heat. When this happens, the system’s “sensible capacity” (ability to cool the air) is reduced, and the system’s total capacity is split – latent capacity (used to remove moisture) and sensible capacity (cool the air).

The heat index also changes when humidity rises. Depending on how high the humidity is inside and outside of your home, a comfortable 75 degrees can feel more like 78 degrees – hot, uncomfortable, and sticky. An easy fix for this is to set your thermostat two degrees cooler. This will dehumidify the air in your home, and make it feel cool and comfortable.
If you want to learn more about heat index temperature charts, Google is a great way to find more information and gain a better understanding of the yucky, humid environment we experience during Monsoon season.

Stay cool!
John Miller
Owner and President

Tim’s Tips

Tim’s Tips is a monthly feature by Tim Miller, Field Operations Manager at [company_name]. Like everyone else here, Tim’s mission is to make, sure you and your family are comfortable.
Tim’s Tips for Monsoon Season:
  • Keep an eye on your condensation line. During Monsoon season, large amounts of dust accumulate, which can gradually lead to clogged drain lines. When a clog occurs, the excess water will back up in the drain pan, and can possibly cause water damage to your home. The drain lines are especially susceptible to extra dirt if the air filter is not changed regularly. To avoid clogs, contact an HVAC company to check and clean the drain lines annually.
  • Change your air filters more often: The monsoon season causes a great deal of wind and dust. Naturally, your air filters tend to get dirty, faster. To avoid moisture build-up and maintain proper function, check your air filter every other week.
  • Leaking condensate line: If you have a split system (2-piece system – A/C in the attic or closet and condensing unit outside), and you notice water leaking, first, shut off the A/C. The chances are likely the condensate line is clogged and the water is backing into the pan and overflowing. A simple fix may be to check the area outside where it drains. Often, they drain a few inches off the ground and get backed up (or become clogged?) with dirt from the side of your house or garden. Clear the drain end, and check for a lot of water to come through. If this does not solve the plug problem, contact an HVAC technician to clear your drain.

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