New Sounds Coming from Your HVAC | What do They Mean?

When it comes to your Phoenix HVAC system, not only can new sounds coming from it be annoying, they can be alarming. If there are new sounds coming from your HVAC, it is very likely trying to tell you something and you should not ignore it. We are going to review some common noises your HVAC may be making and what they might mean.

New Sounds Coming from Your HVAC and What Could be Causing Them

A functioning HVAC system works well and typically seamlessly with no issue. If yours starts making new noises out of the blue, that is not normal and usually in an indication of problems looming. Regardless if you are using your HVAC for heating or cooling, any new sounds should not be ignored.

Below we review some common noises your HVAC might be making and what they may mean.

  • Squealing or Screeching: If your HVAC system suddenly starts squealing or screeching, you likely will find yourself plugging your ears and wondering what that sound is coming from your HVAC and what it means. If you hear this noise (think nails on a chalkboard or a fork scratching on a porcelain plate) coming from your HVAC system, it’s likely caused by moving parts in your unit wearing out and breaking. This can signal a bad fan belt in the blower or the sound also might mean that the motor needs lubricant.
  • Rattling: If you hear a rattling while your HVAC system is on, it could be a sign that your ductwork is loose. Rattling, vibrating, knocking/banging, or whistling sounds usually mean that your ductwork has something loose, a hole, or disconnected joints, amongst other things. The rattling could also be coming from loose panels that need to be tightened.
  • Thumping or Knocking: It’s normal to hear a thumping noise when your HVAC unit powers down or on; however, continuous knocking or banging means something is not working correctly. You could have dirty air filters, the blower fan may be loose, compressor springs may be broken, or something else. In any case, if this new sound is coming from your HVAC, you should contact a Phoenix heating and cooling expert to help you diagnose and resolve the issue.
  • Whistling: Usually the main cause of a HVAC system that whistles while it works is a dirty air filter that is restricting airflow. Airflow problems within your heating and cooling unit cause a constant whistling noise. This can also be caused from a leak or gap somewhere in the system allowing air to escape or could indicate a problem with then unit’s blower or motor.
  • Buzzing or Humming: While all HVAC systems generate some light noise, they should run quiet enough not to be disruptive the majority of the time. If you notice a loud buzzing or humming, it can indicate various mechanical or electrical problems, either when the unit starts up or throughout its operation. If the sound is loudest during startup, the main culprit could be an issue with your blower fan motor. If it’s a blower fan issue, the noisiness may or may not improve after startup.

Whatever the new sound may be that is coming from your HVAC system, it should not be ignored. This is a key sign that something is wrong and your system is trying to tell you that.

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