Could a Cooling Tune-up Make a Difference in Your Home’s Comfort?

When it comes to your home’s air conditioner, preventative ac maintenance is what keeps your system running efficiently and effectively. Having an air conditioner that doesn’t work or isn’t working to its full potential can make for miserable comfort levels within your home. No one wants to spend even a day during our Phoenix summers without the cooling relief of their HVAC system, so proactively identifying and fixing issues before they become a major problem, is key. While it may be hot outside, it shouldn’t be inside of your home. Could a cooling tune-up make a difference in your home’s comfort?

What is an AC Tune-up?

During an AC tune-up parts of your system that you may not even know exist are inspected, cleaned, and replaced, if needed, by a professional. When a cooling tune-up occurs the indoor and outdoor coils are inspected, refrigerant is checked, a pressure reading is conducted, lines and ductwork are inspected, leaks are checked for and fixed if needed, and so much more.

This preventive care will help diagnose problems and issues in your HVAC system before they become worse. Plus, regular maintenance may even be a requirement of your manufacturer’s warranty. Having an annual cooling tune-up can make a difference in your home’s comfort for many reasons and in many ways.

An air conditioner or cooling tune-up is one HVAC maintenance item that you should have done each year, usually in the spring, but any time is better than none. Like we said, ideally, HVAC maintenance should be scheduled at the start of the spring and/or fall seasons, but if you are behind the game and haven’t had one yet this year, they are still effective in the middle of summer, and could make all the difference in your home’s comfort.

Could a Cooling Tune-up Make a Difference in Your Home’s Comfort?

We have already answered this question. Yes, a cooling tune-up could make a difference in your home’s comfort, but why and how? We are going to dig further into some of the benefits below.

  • Increased Energy Efficiency: A cooling tune-up will bring your system up to its peak operating efficiency. This means less energy is used to cool your home. Efficiency brings many benefits in and of itself, as it makes your home more comfortable and decreases wear and tear on your system and can lower the impact running your AC has on your pocketbook, because with increased efficiency comes lowered energy bills.
  • Decreased Need for AC Repairs and Unexpected Breakdowns: No one wants to be without air conditioning when the temperatures peak here in Phoenix, and regular maintenance can help you avoid any downtime with your unit. A well-maintained air conditioner is less likely to breakdown, as problems are diagnosed early and resolved proactively and before an interruption ever occurs.
  • Longer HVAC Lifespan: Regular HVAC maintenance helps increase the lifespan of your system. Your AC, like other home components, needs regular service to keep it running well. Failure to provide proper care can cause the system to give out early. Things like a clogged air filter, damaged duct work, electrical issues, etc. can lead to larger problems that ultimately cause you to need a whole new HVAC system.
  • Better Indoor Air Quality: The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has identified poor indoor air quality as both a short- and long-term health risk to American homeowners. Many experts believe that poor indoor air quality is a major contributor to indoor allergy symptoms, the spread of illness, and poor breathing. Dust mites, mold and mildew, pet dander, cockroach allergens, viruses and bacteria, and more can all be in your home’s air. A cooling tune-up can help identify indoor air quality issues, so they can be addressed before your family is hit with long-term health issues.
  • Improved Comfort: Lastly, an AC tune-up can increase your home’s overall comfort. If you notice hot and cold spots in your home, a maintenance check may find the cause of this problem. When your unit cools more evenly, it means more comfortable temperatures throughout your home and for you and your family.

When you are looking to escape the heat this summer, a cooling tune-up can make a difference in your home’s comfort. Have you had one yet this year? If not, you should contact Arizona Comfort Specialists today to schedule one.

We are committed to ensuring that your air conditioning system is working properly. Our team of specialists performs a comprehensive maintenance tune-up for your system. Contact us for your Phoenix cooling tune-up and other AC needs.