Reasons Your AC Could be Blowing Out Warm Air

We put our air conditioners to the test here in Phoenix, Arizona, and when the summer heat is around, we look to our AC to help us stay cool and escape the warmth. Nothing is worse than having your AC running and hot air is coming out making your home even warmer, or you can’t feel cooled air coming from the vents at all. When your air conditioner is blowing warm air in your Phoenix area home, there better be a good reason. We are going to review some common reasons why your AC could be blowing out warm air.

Common Reasons Your AC Could be Blowing Out Warm Air

During heat waves in the dog days of summer, or just on an uncomfortably hot day, there’s nothing worse than an air conditioner that blows hot air; however, after months of your Phoenix cooling system working on overdrive, this can happen. With regular air conditioning maintenance, you can typically prevent an interruption in your cooling system’s function. If your air conditioner is blowing air that is hotter than normal, it doesn’t necessarily mean full system failure, in fact, there is usually a simple explanation.

Let’s review some of the common reasons your AC could be blowing out warm air.

  • Thermostat is Not Set to the Right Temperature: Sometimes, the cause of your AC blowing out warm air, is as simple as the thermostat being on the wrong setting. When your AC is blowing air that is warmer than desired, someone in your home may have accidentally bumped the thermostat and changed the setting to “heat” instead of “cool”. Make sure your air conditioner is set to the “cool” setting and that the fan is on. You should also be sure to lower the temperature so that it’s cooler in your home than outside. If your thermostat needs new batteries or needs replaced, this can also lead to the malfunction and the hotter temperatures in your home.
  • Air Filter Issues: Air filters live up to their name; they filter your air. How often you should change your home’s air filters really depends on the home, location and outside factors, pets, and behaviors; however, one thing that is universal, is how important having clean and unobstructed filters is for your home and air conditioning to run smoothly. Having a dirty or clogged air filter can cause restricted airflow with your AC and can cause your system to blow warm air. If your air conditioning is producing heated air, check your filter and change it, if needed. Dirty, unchanged filters are a leading cause of issues with Phoenix HVAC systems.
  • Condenser Problems: An air conditioning condenser that is dirty or with electrical issues can be the reason your AC is blowing out warm air. Your AC condenser is the outdoor portion of your air conditioner that creates the cool air, for your air conditioning, by working as a heat exchange. Go outside and inspect your AC condenser for dirt, leaves, bird nests, tall grass or other debris. If you see an obstruction, remove it. If the issue is with the condenser, but you can’t see a blockage, you should call a local air conditioning repair team to assist you.
  • Duct/Refrigerant Leak: If your Phoenix home’s air ducts have a leak, are loose or disconnected, and/or have holes or cracks in them, they could be letting refrigerant escape, causing your AC to blow out warm air. Refrigerant line joints and connections can come loose, causing a leak in the refrigerant. Because ductwork is usually hidden in walls, floors, ceilings, etc., this could be a larger issue than you can see and you should contact a HVAC professional to help you detect and fix the problem.
  • Return Vents are Closed or Blocked: AC return vents draw in the air from each room in your home and send it back to the air conditioning or heating system. If your vents are closed or blocked, it could be causing your AC to blow warm air. Be sure that the vents are opened in order to ensure proper air flow and also check that no furniture or other objects are obstructing them.
  • Time for a New HVAC System: Another reason your AC may be blowing out warm air, is that it is simply in need of replacement. When your Phoenix home’s cooling system stops working for you, it can not only be inconvenient, it can be overwhelming, and warm air could be one of the first signs that it’s time for a new cooling system. Even the best HVAC system will eventually run its course. The average lifespan of an AC unit is 15 to 20 years, if you keep up with AC maintenance and seasonal tune-ups you may be able to extend the life a bit, but inevitably, your system will need replaced.

Keep Your Home Cool This Summer

The heat in Phoenix is no joke, and no one wants to feel that inside of their home. We have reviewed some of the common reasons your AC may be blowing out warm air, but let’s face it, regardless the cause, if you have this issue, you will want it resolved as soon as possible.

Arizona Comfort Specialists can help. Our team at Arizona Comfort Specialists has received extensive training and is up-to-date with the latest service programs on several manufacturing systems. We provide expert AC repair on all makes and models for Phoenix, Paradise Valley, Scottsdale, Peoria, Arrowhead Ranch, Desert Ridge, and the surrounding areas. Contact us today.

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